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Genshin Impact will be getting an anime adaptation; watch the concept trailer here

The popular anime-inspired game will be getting its own anime treatment

Still image from Genshin Impact anime concept trailer
Image credit: HoYoverse x Ufotable

Genshin Impact fans will be delighted to hear that the popular game will be adapted into an anime through a collaboration between developer HoYoverse and animation studio Ufotable.

During a special Genshin Impact livestream titled 'Version 3.1 Special Programme,' fans were promised new promotional codes and information about the upcoming content and characters featured in the new update. Alongside those much-revered temporary promotional codes, they were also given a surprise look at a concept trailer which gave them (and us) a glimpse at what the forthcoming anime might look and feel like. This trailer was then released publicly on Twitter and Youtube (watch it below!)

The Genshin Impact anime trailer features multiple outdoor landscapes (a forest, a field, a waterfall), and an epic sounding score, but no hints as to what the plot or story-shape the anime adaptation might take (though we do see three characters). Of course, it is all still very early days. At the very end of the trailer, after the title card, the project is deemed a "Long-term Project Launch," so it may be quite a while before fans get to stream this exciting new adaptation.

Watch the concept trailer the Genshin Impact anime here:

Cover image for YouTube videoGenshin Impact Long-Term Project Launch: Concept Trailer | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action roleplaying game originally released in 2020. It features an open world environment which is heavily inspired by anime as well as an action based battle system. The game has been expanded regularly, with the next expansion being the aforementioned Version 3.1.

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