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Geoff Johns dishes on the machinations of DC and his future with Ghost Machine

In an interview with Popverse, Geoff Johns reflects on restoring DC history with DC Rebirth and charts a new future with Ghost Machine

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This is something of an understatement, but prolific comic book creator, screenwriter, and producer Geoff Johns is a very busy man. In addition to overseeing the New Golden Age line of comics at DC, including the relaunched Justice Society of America series he helms with artist Mikel Janin, Johns has launched his own multimedia company Ghost Machine, with a whole host of superstar comics creators. With comic titles published through Image Comics, Ghost Machine spins out of Johns’ recent work with Gary Frank on their inaugural creator-owned titles Geiger and Junkyard Joe as part of a shared universe of comics across a variety of genres.

Ghost Machine launches in earnest in January 2024, starting with the Ghost Machine #1 oversized one-shot showcasing the new characters, stories, and titles readers can expect to roll out throughout the year. Meanwhile, at DC, Johns continues to celebrate the DC Universe’s extensive history while finding new directions and characters to add to its ongoing tapestry, including the Golden Age characters he has written for decades. This Golden Age resurgence comes after Johns oversaw 2016’s DC Rebirth publishing initiative, which restored much of the DCU’s classic history while elevating the iconic characters in new ways.

In an interview with Popverse, Geoff Johns reflects on the origins and legacy of DC Rebirth, shares his plans for the New Golden Age as the line moves into its second year with an expanding number of titles, and teases what fans can expect from him and the rest of the Ghost Machine team as the eagerly anticipated company starts off 2024 with a bang.

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