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There's a new way to read comics on your phone: GlobalComix now has an Apple and Android app

The comiXology competitor GlobalComix now has an app for Apple and Android devices

Image credit: GlobalComix/Rodion Kutsaiev

Just in time for New York Comic Con, digital comics platform GlobalComix has officially launched mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Perhaps the primary alternative to ComiXology, GlobalComix — founded by Christopher Carter, Alessio Dejana, Eric Tapper and Robert Hoffer — has seen dramatic growth over the past year, with 180% growth in pages read, and 273% growth in pages published since September 2022, with a number of high profile publishers including Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, and Mad Cave Studios sign up as content providers. Additionally, the company received a $6.5m Series A fundraising round led by Point72 Ventures this summer in preparation for app launch, allowing for a significant beta test to prepare for launch.

“You only get one opportunity for first impression,” Carter tells Popverse. “It's something you should treasure. And if you have the opportunity to create a wow moment for people rather than ‘Oh, this is cool-ish, I guess,’ things become very different. There's this threshold of wowing a consumer, wowing a reader, wowing someone coming in with a preset group of expectations for what the experience is supposed to be. And then you get to delight them.”

The app will give access to over 45,000 releases, including comics, manga, and webcomics, with reading available in page and vertical scroll formats. Users will be able to add notifications for new and upcoming releases, as well as comment on and follow favorite titles and creators, with a search function that includes creator, format, genre, and theme.

“We spent three and a half years building up a content catalog and building up partnerships with content owners. And the app, what it really marks, is our transition to really focusing on bringing in the eyeballs for all of those folks,” he added.

The app is currently available to download in Apple and Android stores. For those who want to know more about GlobalComix and the GlobalComix app, the team will be at New York Comic Con to present the app in person — they don't have a booth, but will be meeting fans and publishers alike. And for those not attending the show but curious, stay tuned to Popverse for an upcoming interview with founder Christopher Carter.

Popverse will be providing wall-to-wall coverage of New York Comic Con 2023, with an all-star crew of writers, editors, and video producers there all four days (and nights), as well as in advance of the show. You can follow along to this coverage as well as the panels we're streaming with our NYCC Popverse coverage guide.