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Forget Love Island, and say welcome to Godzilla Island - an rare Japanese-only Godzilla show making English-language debut this week

Godzilla Island is Adult Swim before there was Adult Swim - but has never been officially seen outside Japan until now

Godzilla Island
Image credit: Toho International

Godzilla can be scary. Godzilla can be campy. Godzilla can be both.

On Tuesday March 7, a slightly bizarre and utterfly fascinating Godzilla TV series will be debuting for the first time outside of Japan. Godzilla Island - a '90s short-form TV series that in many ways is a precursor to the campy classics of Adult Swim - will begin airing episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube's official Godzilla channel.

Godzilla Island features an A+ cast comprised of the likes of Jiro Dan (Ultraman Jack) and Yutaka Aoyama (Naruto Shippuden), providing the voices to epic fights between actual Godzilla action figures in a storyline about a monster island called (you guessed it) Godzilla Island. Toho International has subtitled this new release in English for the first time.

"Travel to Godzilla Island and enjoy the antics of your favorite kaiju such as Mothra, Rodan, Gidorah, and of course, Godzilla in the 1997 short-form series, premiering on YouTube on March 7," reads Toho Animation's description of Godzilla Island. "The year is 2097. Monsters live and frolic on Godzilla Island under the watchful eye of G-Guard, a human peacekeeping force. But with a massive, belligerent UFO heading straight for the island, how long can that peace last?!"

In addition to the aforemented Kaiju, you can also look forward to Anguiris, Gigan, Baragon, and more - even other Godzilla including Godzilla Junior, Fake Godzilla, Mecha-Godzilla, and Space Godilla.

The original Godzilla Island series ran for 256 episodes, which means we could be in for a lot of fascinating television.

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