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How Kurt Russell collaborated with son Wyatt Russell to play shared role in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Matt Fraction and Andy Goddard discuss working with the actors on the Godzilla series

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
Image credit: Apple TV+

Throughout the course of the latest Godzilla installment, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters on Apple TV+, we see the evolution of a world inhabited by monsters. One character in particular, Lee Shaw, portrayed by both Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell, proves to be the crucial link between past and present. With the series taking place over different years, different countries, we see Shaw at various ages and stages with Monarch, and his connection with our other human characters. With the series being as expansive as it was, the creators new the importance of the two actors being able to play off of each other.

During an appearance at New York Comic Con, series creator Matt Fraction and director Andy Goddard discuss working with both Kurt and Wyatt Russell on their shared character of Lee Shaw, and how they collaborated together to bring authenticity to the role.

"It was really cool to watch the two of them calibrate the character together," stated Fraction. "And you can see there like times when Wyatt is kind of doing Kurt and Kurt is kind of doing [Wyatt].

You can watch the full video below:

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