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Godzilla Minus One's Oscar win reminds us that though awards don't matter, they also kind of do

They brought their little Godzillas onstage!

Screenshot of Godzilla team after VFX win announcement
Image credit: Oscars/ABC

While I do generally agree with Popverse staff writer Graeme McMillan that awards don't really matter, it's hard to hold onto that belief at times, especially when watching the Godzilla Minus One team win the Oscar for Best VFX.

The moment was one of the highlights of the evening. At the announcement from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito, not only did the entire Godzilla Minus One section of the theater erupt, waving Godzilla toys in the air, the winning crew then brought their Godzilla toys up with them on the stage and had to juggle Godzillas, Oscars, and the winning speech.

It'd be silly to ignore that a big part of why the moment was so moving was that Godzilla Minus One was a major underdog, with a tiny budget but a big Godzilla-sized footprint as the movie rolled out internationally. Takashi Yamazaki, who not only led the VFX team of Godzilla Minus One but also happened to direct the film too, addressed this reality, saying in his acceptance speech that “The possibility of standing on this stage seemed out of reach, but here we stand!”

The excitement of the moment brought me back to the night that Godzilla Minus One debuted in the US. After the film premiered, Yamazaki shared at the Q&A that, during production, the sound and VFX department each had a piece of paper up that read, "The world is waiting." The sign served as a reminder of the eager audience out there, but also the responsibility on the team's shoulders to make a movie of quality.

The Godzilla Minus One team's devotion to craft was made clear in the film, and that craft and dedication (and love for Godzilla) was awarded last night. That win meant something to that team, and while I still mostly believe that awards don't matter... that matters.

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