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Good Omens 3 will have to wait for Amazon to end the writers strike

It'll take more than divine intervention to make the third season happen, says Neil Gaiman

Good Omens Season 2
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If the end of the second season of Good Omens left you wondering what it’ll take for the story to continue — and not end with what could, otherwise, be one of the more downbeat endings of a comedy series imaginable — then series co-creator Neil Gaiman is ready to tell you. Spoilers: it’s more practical than you might expect.

Responding to a fan politely begging for more episodes of the Prime Video series — “promise me there will be a third season because this can’t end like this!!” — Gaiman wrote, purposefully vaguely, “We need Amazon to do what they can to end the strike first. And then we need the strike to end.”

Gaiman has previously spoken about his desire to complete the story left at quite the cliffhanger at the end of the second season, even though Prime Video has yet to announce plans for a third… to the point where he’s even suggested that he’d write it as a novel, if necessary.

There’s good reason behind Gaiman’s desire to tell that story in whatever form it takes; as he’s shared on Twitter, the third season would adapt the unwritten sequel to the original novel that he and Terry Pratchett planned years ago. “Season 2 was how we get to the beginning of the sequel story,” he explained.

Time will tell what form that story will eventually take. For now, it’s enough reason to hope that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers sees sense and returns to the negotiating table in an attempt to find agreeable terms for a new contract the Writers Guild of America. After all, the Second Coming is depending on it.

While you wait for a third season announcement, why not consider the real theological underpinnings of the show’s second season?

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