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Good Omens season 2: David Tennant offers teases about Jon Hamm, Queen (and Terry Pratchett!), and more

David Tennant teases big things for Good Omens at Emerald City Comic Con.

Good Omens
Image credit: BBC

The fantastic and widely celebrated Amazon adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens novel returns for a second season this summer. Recently at Emerald City Comic Con, the demon Crowley himself David Tennant spoke with Popverse's Tiffany Babb in front of a live audience and had some big teases, starting with the fact that Pratchett’s endlessly fertile imagination will still be an important part of the series.

“There was certainly no [second] novel,” Tennant admits, referring to Pratchett's death in 2015. “But Neil will tell you that he and Terry had talked about the potential for a sequel. There were ideas that were created back in the day [by the two of them]."

“So Terry’s still in there, Terry’s ideas are very much a part,” Tennant says, to cheers from the audience. He also confided that “for the eagle-eyed” there are a couple Terry Pratchett Easter eggs to be found, too.

Series 2 has a great cast, Tennant says, some new and some returning. One star returning in a big role, he said, is Jon Hamm.

“Jon Hamm is back and plays a very central role in series two,” Tennant reveals. “He is very, very funny in series two, he gets to do some very excellent work,” Tennant said with a wicked grin dripping with possibility. “You will very much enjoy Jon Hamm.”

One other thing that Tennant revealed will be returning is the music of Queen.

“Those who know the original book know the songs of Queen are important to it,” Tenannt said. “We thought we were going to do series two without the songs of Queen,” he admitted, given how much they’d used in series one. “We haven’t, we’ve got the songs of Queen back in series 2,” he said, to great applause.

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