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Grant Morrison to reunite with Liam Sharp for new creator-owned series

Eden's End will launch as part of Morrison's Substack

Image credit: Grant Morrison

Marking the first anniversary of their XANADUUM Substack mailing list, Grant Morrison has teased the first of what they’re describing as the “XANADUUM PRESENTS experiments,” re-uniting them with their The Green Lantern collaborator, Liam Sharp.

As is customary with a teaser, very little is know about Eden’s End beyond a teaser image that brings to mine both Chris Foss and H.R. Giger’s designs for Alien — an image that is specifically prohibited from being shared with anyone outside of the paid subscribers for XANADUUM, unfortunately — and the tagline, “Where did we go wrong?”

Beyond their two-year run as the creative team for the psychedelic The Green Lantern series — an underrated take on DC’s Green Lantern concept that mixed unexpected influences like Heavy Metal magazine and mid-20th Century sci-fi pulp, in addition to the expected John Broome and Gardner Fox inspirations — the two share a common grounding in the British sci-fi scenes of the '70s and ‘80s, with both including acclaimed British weekly 2000 AD on their resumes.

To date, Morrison’s (very fun) XANADUUM Substack list has featured a self-illustrated series of collages titled “In Xanaduum…” as well as a collaboration with Rian Hughes that re-imagines the Tarot, in addition to a series of essays about their career as a series of “Salons” in which they respond to reader questions.

Eden's End will launch later in 2023. In the same mailing as the Eden’s End announcement, Morrison promises “the XANADUUM PRESENTS manifesto, more teaser art, plus behind the scenes and future plans later this week.”

Morrison’s Substack can be found here.

Sure, all of this has you in a Grant Morrison mood; maybe it’s time to check out this extensive interview with the writer, artist, and comics bon vivant themselves.

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