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Comics writer Greg Pak is crowdfunding a memoir/guide to analog photography

35mm Love Letter is a personal approach to the art of photography

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Comics writer Greg Pak, best known for writing superhero titles like Planet Hulk and X-Men, has a new project, and it's a personal one.

According to the crowdfundr site for Pak's new project, 35mm Love Letter is "a digital how-to book and memoir about the glories of analog film photography." On the project page, Pak shares that it was his mother who taught him how to shoot on film back in the '80s, and after his mother passed away in 2021, he revisited her photographs, and fell in love with the medium again.

About 35mm Love Letter, Pak told Popverse, "This last year has been monumentally stressful, and I do not kid when I say analog photography has helped saved my heart and soul. When I'm walking around with a camera, I'm not staring at my phone, stressing about stuff I can't control; I'm part of the world, looking at light and frame and color and action and character. It's grounding and connecting in the best of ways.

As just one example, one of my favorite things this past year was meeting friends -- including a bunch of amazing comics creators! -- outdoors in New York City and taking their portraits on film. We're still in this pandemic, and these little meetings have been a lovely way to reconnect. This photo of the great Joe Illidge makes me particularly happy. This was during my first signing since the pandemic began at a table outside Anyone Comics on an absolutely gorgeous spring day. Joe's smile in that photo feels like my own joy on that day coming right back at me. Just glorious."

To see some of the portraits that Pak refers to in the quote above, check out the gallery below:

The crowdfndr for 35mm Love Letter is currently live and will end of December 16, 2022.

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