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Hazbin Hotel: What to watch after the adult animation hit from Amazon Prime Video

Finished with the first season of your favorite new show? We've got some recommendations for you.

We all know the feeling. You've finished the first season of a brand-new, really freaking good television show, and you don't know what to watch next. That's what we're feeling as we hit the end of the first season of Prime Video and A24's Hazbin Hotel.

But there is other television out there! In fact, there's even good stuff to watch that had some bits in common with Hazbin Hotel. That's where this guide comes in. Here are our recommendations for shows to watch after you're done watching Hazbin Hotel.

The Good Place

Promotional image for The Good Place
Image credit: NBC

Love stories about ethics and heaven and hell? The Good Place is the place for you. The show is delightful and deep, featuring layers of philosophy as well as fun. At the heart of it - like Hazbin Hotel, The Good Place is about people who are trying to do better, and can't we all relate to that?

Drawn Together

Promotional image for Drawn Together
Image credit: Comedy Central

Love animated shows with a healthy dose of adult humor? Comedy Central's Drawn Together is for you. Drawn Together is an animated parody of famous animated characters AND your favorite reality TV shows. The show ran for three seasons, and nabbed a movie too, so you should have plenty of stuff to watch and fill the time before Hazbin Hotel season 2.

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Invader Zim

Image from Invader Zim
Image credit: Nickelodeon

This one is a classic. Nickelodeon's Invader Zim follows an extraterrestrial named Zim out to conquer the world. He has quite a bit of trouble along the way of course. The show is dark and edgy, especially for a kids cartoon from the early '00s, and it is definitely worth watching.

Murder Drones

Image of Worker Drones
Image credit: Youtube

Hazbin Hotel began as an independent animated pilot, so if you're interested in independent animation, you may want to check out Murder Drones. The show is set in Earth's future - the year 3071 to be exact - and follows Worker Drones, who end up being the only inhabitants of the planet (or so we think). The show is funny, horrifying, and has a lot to say too.

The Owl House

Owl House Season 3 Horiz
Image credit: Jim McDermott

The Owl House may need no introduction, but we're going to introduce it anyway. The Owl House follows Luz Noceda, a fourteen year old human who ends up in the Demon Realm. The show features a heck of an emotional journey, has tons of thematic layers, and has a really heartwarming message for all. You should go watch it now!

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