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HBO Max's Doom Patrol catches up to the comics with the addition of Space Case in season 4

If Casey Brinke is joining the show, can Danny the Street's return be far behind?

Madeline Zima as Casey Brinke
Image credit: HBO Max

Good news, Doom Patrol fans — who, honestly, need to come up with a catchy moniker already: a central character from the most recent comic book incarnation of the team will be appearing on the next season of the fan-favorite HBO Max series, bringing with them not just their optimism and brightly-colored costume, but also a potential tease about the return of another beloved character on the show.

As shared by the show’s official Twitter account, Madeline Zima will be joining the cast of the show to play Casey Brinke, AKA Space Case, when the series returns this December.

Brinke first showed up in the 2016 comic book reboot of the comic as a well-meaning EMT who got wrapped up in the strange reality of the Doom Patrol. Initially seeming to be a regular person counterpart to the weirdness of the Doom Patrol, it was later revealed that Casey was, in fact, (albeit unaware of her actual origins) a fictional comic character created by Danny the Street who came to life. As such, she had superhuman abilities — and, one assumes, no shortage of problems dealing with the IRS due to a lack of paperwork surrounding her birth.

Casey's comic book connection to Danny raises the question of whether or not her entry into the show means that Danny will return alongside her. When last seen in the show, Danny had gone from being a sentient genderqueer street to becoming an ambulance — the exact state that they were in during the comics when Casey first appeared. Does Casey’s imminent debut mean that she’ll be driving Danny back into the show?

The official return date for the show remains unrevealed, but Doom Patrol season 4 begins on HBO Max this December.

One of the many stars of Doom Patrol is, of course, Brendan Fraser; maybe it’s time to revisit Popverse’s conversation with Fraser from Emerald City Comic Con earlier this year.

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