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Heavy Metal editor Joseph P. Illidge opens the doors to dark cosmic story of Entropy

Popverse's Ashley V. Robinson speaks with Heavy Metal executive editor Joseph P. Illidge

Ashley V. Robinson and Joseph P. Illidge
Image credit: Popverse

Joseph P. Illidge has been the architect of so many defining events across almost any comic book publisher you can imagine. He is now the executive editor for Heavy Metal and has had a hand in expanding the company's universe with the new series Entropy. Reuniting with one of his favorite collaborators, Christopher Priest, together they are ushering in a dark cosmic story about gods and monsters (and monsters that are gods).

With Entropy #1 on stands now, Popverse's Ashley V. Robinson caught up with Joe Illidge to talk about that and more.

“We’re not dealing in days or years, we’re dealing in ages,” Illidge tells Popverse about the scope Entropy’s emergence in his debut issue, “and that’s something I think Priest was able to step outside of – the conventions of our vocabulary about how time and space work. We’re dealing with that kind of transformation.”

Here is our full 42-minute interview with Joseph P. Illidge:

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