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How My Hero Academia, Haikyu!!, and other anime get to the heart of school life

Popverse's Veronica Valencia schools us on the human and relatable elements behind school anime

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Image credit: Popverse

Thank you to McDonald's APA Next for sponsoring this article and video. Popverse was paid for our time in creating this.

Get schooled on school anime, and its surprisingly relatable and profound experiences to our own lives in classrooms and education. Popverse's Veronica Valencia is taking a deep dive into the storylines, characters, conflicts, and challenges presented in school-based anime such as My Hero Academia, Assassination Classroom, Haikyu!!, and more - including her personal favorite: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.

This video and article is sponsored by McDonald's APA Next Education program. APA stands for Asian Pacific American, and McDonald's has been supporting APA students with higher education resources for 15 years. Through this partnership with McDonald's, Popverse is further spotlighting education about Asian Pacific American cultures, and also empower aspiring creators to pursue their passion.

And now, onto the video:

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