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How X-Men '97 voice actor JP Karliak morphed into Morph for the Marvel Studios animated hit

Sadly, this story does not involve a visit from Professor X

Screenshot of Ashley V Robinson and JP Karliak on separate screens over a purple overlay
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You might not know it, but you're almost certainly familiar with voice actor JP Karliak. Sure, the name might not be familiar on first glance, but he has provided the voice for so many incredible characters including the Boss Baby (Boss Baby: Back in Business), Kouzou (Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion), the Joker (Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League), Chovak (Star Trek: Resurgence), and a droid in a galaxy far, far away (Star Wars: The Bad Batch). Recently, he's reached even further fandom heights performing the voice of X-Men 97's resident shape-shifter, Morph streaming right now on Disney+... so it's no surprise that Popverse's own Ashley V. Robinson sat down virtually with Karliak for a full interview.

With everyone and their mutant relatives currently buzzing about Disney+'s X-Men animated revival, it just wasn't enough to ask about the X-Men in general - Ashley had to get to the bottom of how he stepped into the X-Mansion to begin with?

"The audition just came my way." Karliak laughed teasing the sometimes fickle nature of Hollywood and how iconic genre roles and come and go so easily. Of course, just getting the audition isn't the whole thing... sometimes you need to be flexible enough to seal the deal. But what else would you expect from the voice behind Morph?

Watch the interview in full 18-minute interview with JP Karliak here:

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X-Men '97 is now streaming on Disney+.

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