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An afternoon with the archbishop of fun: In conversation with Howard Chaykin

"I'm not going to compete for the attention of an audience that is perfectly happy with a template"

Howard Chaykin
Image credit: Popverse/Howard Chaykin

Warning: This interview includes swearing and language some readers may find offensive.

There’s a saying in comics that goes a little something like this: if you want an opinion, go ask Howard Chaykin. Okay, it might not be something official yet – but after a conversation with the seminal mind behind American Flagg, Black Kiss, and The Divided States of Hysteria at his GalaxyCon Richmond table this year, it’s a sentiment that could stick pretty well, whether fans and readers like it or not when it’s all out on the table.

Over the course of a half-hour conversation, Howard Chaykin shared with Popverse his thoughts on conventions, rock star status in the comics industry, and the state of comics vs. the state of what we wish comics still were.

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