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Hunger Games cosplays to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary

The Hunger Games film series turns 10 this year and we are celebrating with these 13 incredible cosplayers.

Hunger Games Cosplayers (from left to right): madame.elizabeth, elmachinaz_cosplay, ethain_cosplay, and zeligeek.
Image credit: Hunger Games Cosplayers (from left to right): madame.elizabeth, elmachinaz_cosplay, ethain_cosplay, and zeligeek.

Going to and from places on the bus over a decade ago I’d hear this and that about The Hunger Games. I thought it was some new reality show I’d ignored. Come to find out it was a very popular book series that was about to become an even bigger movie franchise with Jennifer Lawrence who fans already loved from the latest X-Men movies, and who’d go on to win even more hearts (and an Oscar) with 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook. However, we’re here to talk about not only Lawrence though. We’re here to celebrate a decade’s worth of The Hunger Games.

10 years and four movies later, it’s hard to deny the impact The Hunger Games made on entertainment with similar tales coming soon after, Lawrence’s career as a whole, as well as our favorite thing around these parts - cosplay! The Hunger Games had so many characters and looks fans scurried to recreate over the years that to celebrate its 10th anniversary, we’re highlighting some of the best of the best that have made them the true Victors.

Bow Ready

Katniss had to be quick with those bow and arrow skills.

Spread Your Wings

Effie Trinket was without a doubt the most runway ready when it came to the pure fashion that was The Hunger Games, and while we could’ve done a whole list based on just her - we must admit her butterfly look remains a top favorite.

Winner, Winner

Woody Harrelson would be proud to see how great this cosplayer came through with the Haymitch appreciation.

Flock of a Feather

Not to be outdone, Katniss gave Effie a run for her money with this feather moment.

Sing Us a Song

We’re giving a round of applause to this Lucy Gray Baird look from cosplayer gayby_yoda who took part in our look into mental health and cosplay during the pandemic.

The Other Ship

Who else was Team Gale?

Gone but Not Forgotten

We had to do a double-take because this Finnick is spot on!

Hit the Runway

This cosplayer went above and beyond to give us one of the best from Katniss throughout the entire series.

The Ultimate Emcee

The Steve Harvey of The Hunger Games universe, none other than Caesar Flickerman.

Rebel, Rebel

This take on Cressida proves that even the simplest looks take the most dedication.

Game Time

Pulling off the intricate details of Seneca Crane’s facial hair? Kudos to this cosplayer.

Baking Romance

We’re suckers for a cute moment caught at the con floor.

Let it, Snow

Politicians always come with baggage, don’t they?