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Iconic Gundam and Macross artist Hidetaka Tenjin is coming to America for a secret new project

Meet Hidetaka Tenjin at Comic-Con International: San Diego

Hidetaka Tenjin illustration
Image credit: Hobby Japan

If you've watched, read, or played anything to do with Gundam or Macross, you have marveled at the work of illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin. And now, you have something new to look forward to; even more so if you're coming to Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Tenjin has been announced as attending Comic-Con International: San Diego in coordination with the publisher Udon Entertainment. Why Udon? Well, they're working on a new project together - but they can't say what it is yet.

Hidetaka Tenjin
Image credit: UDON Entertainment

"I was honored to be introduced to Tenjin-Sensei in 2012, and this year marks us being friends for 10 years!" Udon CEO Erik Ko says in the announcement. "We have always wanted to work together on a project, but due to many different circumstances, we have not been able to officially collaborate until now. This project is an exciting beginning for us, and we at UDON hope it is just the beginning!"

In addition to Macross and Gundam, Tenjin has illustrated many mech-centric works of art for franchises such as Star Wars, Star Blazers 2205, and Hellsing.

"This project marks my first overseas publication but it's actually Udon Entertainment's second attempt to bring my work to the rest of the world.” says Tenjin. "The process has involved a lot of firsts for me personally, but thanks to Erik's unwavering support our collaboration is starting to come together and I look forward to being able to reveal more details soon."

Comic-Con International: San Diego takes place July 20 - 24 (and yes, Popverse will be there).

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