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Follow Image Comics' mega-panel with Ed Brubaker, Saladin Ahmed, and more from the 2024 ALA Annual!

Expect big things from the Image Comics Summer Spectacular at the ALA Annual.

Image Comics panel at ALA Annual 2024
Image credit: Image Comics

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Image Comics is one of the biggest bastions of creator-owned comics in the world - not just in comic stores, bookstores, and your digital devices, but also in libraries. And the publisher is coming to the annual library mega-convention, the ALA Annual, and bringing some of their biggest creators with them for a star-studded panel.

"What spectacular stories await you in the pages of Image Comics' newest books? Anything and everything you can imagine!" reads Image Comics' description of the panel. "From animal adventurers to superheroes in the midst of a midlife crisis. From neighborhood gossip turned deadly to gig-workers fighting city-killing monsters. From meditations on the end of all things to a one-woman army bent on revenge. Our superstar creators take you on an exclusive tour of all the worlds you can visit in their books!"

Announced to attend this panel are Ed Brubaker (Houses of the Unholy), Doug Wagner (Klik Klik Boom), Tony Fleecs (Local Man), Tim Seeley (Local Man, Hack/SLash), Richard Blake (Hexagon Bridge), and Saladin Ahmed (Star Signs).

Come back Saturday, June 29 beginning at 3:30pm Pacific (that's 6:30pm Eastern!) for our full play-by-play coverage of the panel.

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