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Image Comics' most unkillable comic returns, as X-Men writer Gerry Duggan revives Dead Eyes in new series The Empty Frames

Co-creator John McCrea is back for the new five-issue go-around

Dead Eyes: The Empty Frames #1
Image credit: John McCrea/Image Comics

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As should not come as a surprise to anyone, the self-styled “most unkillable comic” is back, with X-Men writer Gerry Duggan and Hitman co-creator John McCrea reteaming for a brand new Dead Eyes miniseries launching this September — and Popverse has an exclusive sneak peek at the first issue, courtesy of Image Comics.

Spinning out of the original 2019 miniseries by Duggan and McCrea, Boston’s deadliest hood has come out of retirement — again — for the least likely reason imaginable: he happens to have a clue to who’s behind the biggest art heist in America. But what is he going to do with it, and can he do it while still avoiding both the mob and the cops at the same time…? It’ll take five issues of Dead Eyes: The Empty Frames to find out, but judging by the first series, everyone will have fun along the way. (Well, except for Dead Eyes, but he’s used to that by now.)

“The unkillable Dead Eyes is back! We’ve never stopped working on Dead Eyes, and The Empty Frames has more tragical hilarious action than the first one,” Duggan said in a statement from the publisher. “As always, McCrea, and colorist Mike Spicer really show off in this new volume and prove once again why they’re one of the best teams in the business.”

McCrea is equally excited about the series’ return. “I love drawing Dead Eyes!” he enthused. “Gerry gives me a gritty, film noir world to sink my artistic teeth into, with just the right balance of humor and violence. And I get to work with my longtime collaborator, the amazing Mike Spicer. Plus the fantastic Joe Sabino on lettering duty ties everything up in a pretty, bloody bow. What more could a growing boy want!”

Far be it from me to pass up such a perfect straight line, but what more could you want? How about a chance to see not just the three covers for the first issue of the series — by McCrea, Dave Johnson, and Scott Koblish, respectively — but also four unlettered interior pages from the issue, as well? G’wan: you’ve had a hard week, and deserve a treat.

Dead Eyes: The Empty Frames will be released September 11. A collected edition of the first series is already available.

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