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A Spider-Man superfan is building a $2.5 million wallcrawler-themed home theater and WE HAVE PICTURES, PARKER!!!

Mike Johnson's 1,150-square-foot theater is a collaborative effort with Elite Home Theater Seating, and wow is it fancy

Image credit: Elite Home Theater Seating

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Entrepeneur Mike Johnson is about to create arguably the first major target for supervillain attack, as the Spider-Man superfan is teaming with Elite Home Theater Seating to create a luxury home theater entirely dedicated to Marvel's wallcrawler.

The news came to us from Elite HTS themselves, along with some staggering details of the theater's grandure. According to Elite HTS, the project will encompass 1,150 square feet (that's larger than the NYC apartment I'm writing this in, reader), and cost a whopping $2.5 million (slightly less than my rent, reader). The announcement also provided a virtuual walkthrough of the still-unbuilt premises, which I'll do my best to take you through here.

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The first stop on the tour is a web-adorned waiting room, stamped with the spider-symbol but tailored to resemble a luxury hotel. After entering through the lobby, you'd be treated to a Spider-Man memorabilia room, where posters, landmark comics, and statuettes of the webhead's friends and foes welcome you. Next is the concession room, stoocked with candies and soda that matches Peter Parker's blue, black, and red color scheme, and then finally you arrive in the theater. The pièce de résistance, this room features a comfy seating area, a sunroof, a sliding theater wall, and replicas of several classic Spider-Man and Spider-Man adjacent suits.

(No word on how evil they'll be able to make the symbiote replica.)

Go ahead and and try to contain the burning jealousy that rages in your blood as you take a look at Elite HTS's mockups of the rooms below.

Mike Johnson's passion project is on track to be completed by spring of 2025, and though New York City will always be home to Marvel's wall-crawler, we can see him at least vacationing in the Sunshine State.

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