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Invincible season 2 post-credits scene explained

The final moments of Invincible season 2 sets up season 3 in a major way

Invincible season 2
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Invincible season 2 on Amazon Prime Video ended on a heart-wrenching moment, in more ways than one - as "ending" depends on if you mean the end of the season finale, or the post-credits scene situated in the credits.

We'd say more, but that'd be spoilers, so...

Warning: Major spoilers for Invincible Season 2, Episode 8, 'I Thought You Were Stronger,' coming up!

What happened in the Invincible season 2 post-credits scene?

After Invincible reunited with Atom Eve in modern times after his surprising time-travel jump into the near future, he almost... and we mean almost told her how he feels for her. But he doesn't, and the credits roll.

For those of us who stayed through the credits, we got to see a sparse but climatic scene with Omni-Man still locked in the Viltrum Empire's space station prison. Although he's seemingly recovered physically from the beat-down earlier on in the season, he's finally come to terms with his betrayal back on planet Earth and is accepting of his impending death setence by the Viltrumites. That's even with his son's buddy Allen the Alien showing up in the prison.

But in these final waning moments of Invincible season 2, Omni-Man finally figures out the biggest thing he lost by his betrayal of Earth - and says in a telepathic conversation with Allen the Alien.

“I think I miss my wife,” Omni-Man declares.

J.K. Simmons voices this line with serious weight, and it sets up Omni-Man to reconsider his plans to allow the Viltrumites to kill him and attempt something to reunite with his wife, and some how reconcile with her. If that's possible.

For more on the current season's finale and what it means for the franchise going forward, read our comprehensive Invincible season 2 ending explained guide.

We'll find out more with the already-announced Invincible season 3, which is currently in production for a hopeful 2025 release.

For more Invincible Season 2 insights, check out our interview with co-showrunner and executive producer Simon Racioppa.

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