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Jack Black drops trou and sings some Taylor Swift, for a good cause

We've seen more of him than we ever expected and yet somehow we're still wanting more.

Jack Black dancing shirtless along with Taylor Swift from the Eras Tour poster
Image credit: Jack Black via TikTok and AMC Theaters

No one – and we mean no one – grabs your attention quite like Jack Black, a power he has decided to use to help his fellow actors who find themselves in a pinch. At a fundraiser last night in Los Angeles to raise money for members of the film industry in need during the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, Jack Black laid both himself and his love for Taylor Swift out for all to see.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Jack Black stripped down to his boxers and singing Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift, you're in luck. Video surfaced on social media of the Tenacious D singer shedding his clothes for reasons that are both unclear and unnecessary before stepping off the stage to “work the crowd” for a moment. Upon returning to the stage, he takes requests from the audience for songs before landing on the Swift hit.

It is clear from the outset that Black, whose musical bona fides are nearly as impressive as his acting credits, isn’t entirely pleased to be singing the song, but he gives the people what they want. As he forgets the words, the chorus descends into an expletive-laden cover and he does a bit more jumping around than a man in his underpants should do, but it is good to see Jack Black using his undeniable talent and charisma for a good cause.

The event, dubbed the Give Back-ular Spectacular, was part of an effort to raise emergency funds for union and non-union crew members as the SAG-AFTRA strike surpasses 100 days. Other performers on the night included LaVar Burton, Bryan Cranston, and Rachel Bloom, but we’re pretty sure none of them bared quite as much of themselves as Jack Black.

The Actor’s Strike is causing plenty of delays in studio schedules, but the next few months are still packed full of releases both in theaters and on streaming services.