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Watch James D’Amato, Jef Aldrich, & Jon Taylor discuss which RPG monsters they'd most like to date

The authors of The Ultimate RPG Series and Düngeonmeister books review the romantic prospects of eldritch horrors. In public!

Image credit: Wizards of the Coast

If you think dating is hard in the human world, just imagine how difficult it is for monsters.

Fortunately for the beastly and bloodthirsty, there's Netflix & Kill, an exclusive RPG Game Show that unites authors James D’Amato, Jef Aldrich, and Jon Taylor in helping the leeches and legends find love.

Netflix & Kill took place at Emerald City Comic Con 2024, where three lucky attendees were called upon to take part in the authors' romantic ranking of RPG wretches. But don't be jealous - even if you couldn't make the panel yourself, you can still be part of the magic with a Popverse membership. That's right, we filmed the panel.

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