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James Tynion IV isn't interested in returning to superheroes any time soon

The Something is Killing the Children writer is staying away from capes for the time being, he's shared

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Good news for fans who are excited to read more of James Tynion IV’s creator-owned comics: the writer and co-creator of titles like Something is Killing the Children, The Nice House on the Lake, and W0rldtr33 is promising more information on the return of those titles very soon. For fans of Tynion’s work on series like Batman, Justice League Dark, and Detective Comics, however, have slightly less good news awaiting them.

Writing on social media, the founder of Tiny Onion shared, “If you're asking about when a creator owned book is coming back, you're probably going to find out very soon. If you're asking about when I am going to write another superhero book, that is not something I'm interested in right now! Sorry!”

Tynion has never made any secret about the fact that his heart belongs more to horror and creator-owned comics than superheroes, a fact that arguably helped him find such success with the latter. (Tynion being driven by something other than nostalgia allowed him to introduce characters like Ghost-maker, Peacekeeper-01, and Clownhunter, bringing a much-needed burst of new energy into the Batman mythos, for example.) Now that he has a new company to lead — one that involves him making a “big aggressive move in the comic book direct market next year,” to boot, in his own words — it only stands to reason that he’s going to be concentrating on a narrower focus for the next few months.

While he's best known for his work on DC's Batman mythos, in titles including Batman, Detective Comics, The Joker, Batman Eternal, and Talon, Tynion had also written a number of other superhero titles, including The Immortal Men, DC vs. Vampires, and two Marvel issues, Death of Wolverine: Logan's Legacy #5, and Amazing X-Men #13.

As it is, Tynion hasn’t written new superhero work in some time; he departed DC’s Batman, his most recent superhero series, back in November 2021. All of which makes his return to the genre — should it ever happen — that much more of an event. The question is… will it ever happen?

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