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Watch Marissa Meyer, Jasmine Skye, Kendare Blake, & Margaret Owen match wits in... Battle of the Tropes

Authors of over 25 books across ten fantasy realms converge to debate the pros and cons of the most famous of fantasy tropes

Image credit: Jasmine Skye, Kendare Blake, Margaret Owen, Marissa Meyer

Usually, fantasy battles happen on the page, but when Jasmine Skye, Kendare Blake, Margaret Owen, and Marissa Meyer got together at Emerald City Comic Con 2024, a different kind of contest took place. Challenged with either defending or assailing one of the genre's most familiar conceits, these bestselling authors took part in...

The Battle of the Tropes!

So just which tropes were part of the debate and how did the authors of Daughter of the Bone Forest, Three Dark Crowns, Little Thieves, and Cinder (respectively) treat them? Fortunately, you can still find out even if you didn't make it to ECCC. That's because Popverse filmed the panel.

Popverse filmed the ECCC 2024 Battle of the Tropes panel, and is available to watch now exclusively for paid Poperse members - as part of a broader rollout of over a dozen new panels from ECCC 2024 in addition to the livestreamed ECCC 2024 Main Stage panels.

How far back do fantasy tropes go? Maybe the British Library's fantasy exhibit could help answer.

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