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Action Comics writer Jason Aaron wants to write Superman again (and we'd love to read it)

Aaron's three-part Action Comics run was "an amuse-bouche," he tells Popverse

Action Comics #1061 variant cover
Image credit: Dan Mora/DC

Good news for all fans who think that Jason Aaron’s time on Action Comics as the first of 2024’s Superman Superstars writers is far too short: Aaron himself agrees.

Talking to Popverse, the fan-favorite writer who’s writing DC’s Man of Steel for the first time with this week’s Action Comics #1061 — the opening installment of the ‘I, Bizarro’ storyline — said that it didn’t take him long to get over his nervousness at writing the iconic hero, nor to know that he wants to do so again.

“I knew right away this is going to be an amuse-bouche,” Aaron said of his three-issue run as Action Comics writer. “This is delicious and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, but it has not sated my hunger in any way. And I've only scratched the surface of really saying anything about Superman or with Superman or figuring out who he is. So I absolutely would like to do more Superman stuff.”

That might have to wait, however, given that Aaron has a lot on his plate in 2024 — including two new projects for Marvel, some new creator owned work, and a number of additional projects at DC. Unless, of course, some of those DC gigs already include Superman…

Action Comics #1061 is available now; Popverse members can read the complete interview with Jason Aaron right here. (If nothing else, it's worth it to find out who the first person Aaron wanted to talk to was, after being offered the Action writing job...)

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