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Star Wars' favorite green rabbit Jaxxon is back-- in a convention-exclusive annual

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual- Jaxxon 2023 is a joint publishing effort from Dark Horse Direct and Lucasfilm Publishing

Cropped Mike Mignola art featuring Jaxoxn in Space
Image credit: Dark Horse

Fans of the Lepi smuggler Jaxxon (first created by Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin in Marvel Comics' Star Wars #8 in what we now call the 'Extended Universe') will be excited to hear that Jaxxon is back-- in a convention exclusive annual titled Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual—Jaxxon 2023.

Published as a partnership between Dark Horse Direct and Lucasfilm Publishing, Hyperspace Stories Annual—Jaxxon 2023 will feature a brand-new story featuring everyone's favorite green rabbit-like alien and will be written by Cavan Scott with art from Nick Brokenshire, colors from David Kennedy, and letters from Comicraft.

Cover featuring Mike Mignola art featuring Jaxxon in Space
Image credit: Dark Horse

This convention-exclusive comic will also feature four different variant covers from different artists including a Mike Mignola cover (pictured to the right) for Lucasfilm's upcoming Star Wars Celebration event in April.

Dark Horse's official statement about the upcoming Jaxxon comic reads: "Holy Hutch! Jaxxon’s back!

"Taking a break from his stellar career as a New Republic fighter ace, the galaxy’s greatest green rabbit is sent on a top-secret diplomatic mission to Endor, only to end up in the middle of a full-blown Ewok Civil War! Things get dicey, and our long eared Lepi might have to choose between saving the day, and saving his own skin!"

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual—Jaxxon 2023 will be made available at the Dark Horse website and select events throughout the year. You can order the Mike Mignola Star Wars Celebration variant now.

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