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What would it take for John Carpenter to make a Godzilla movie? "An offer"

Master of horror John Carpenter was at New York Comic Con 2023, sharing his love (and willingness to tackle) the King of Monsters

Image credit: Universal, Toho

He's a horror icon, a force of nature, the face of a franchise. Am I talking about Michael Myers or Godzilla? Well, according to the co-creator of the former, the two share some similarities. And if the opportunituy presnted itself, they could one day share a director.

Halloween director and celebrated filmmaker John Carpenter was at a Q&A for New York Comic Con 2023, talking about a wide range of topics, including CGI in movies, advice for young moviemakers, and at one point, the star of the Legendary MonsterVerse. And then came a question: what would it take for John Carpenter to make a Godzilla movie?

"An offer," answered the filmmaker. No offense to the King of Monsters, but the sound the crowd made could rival any kaiju.

Evidently, Carpenter will continue to be a fan of Godzilla movies whether or not he's ever behind the camera. "I love Godzilla," said the director and writer, extolling his versatility. Godzilla can be in kids' movies, he explained, or in serious dramas, or in big scfi-horror flicks. But will he ever be in a John Carpenter movie?

Here's hoping; we know at least one person would be on board.

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