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Pro basketball star Johnny O'Bryant talks about his manga/anime empire on this week's Enter the Popverse

Former NBA star Johnny O'Bryant is coming to talk comics

Enter the Popverse episode 23
Image credit: Popverse

Johnny O'Bryant made his name in college basketball and then with the pros at NBA, but his other passion is the worlds of anime and manga - and he is carrying that out with a burdgeoning anime/manga empire called Noir Ceasar. And with his first group of projects coming out with TOKYOPOP, O'Bryant is coming to Enter the Popverse to talk all about it.

Enter the Popverse's Ashley V. Robinson will be talking with O'Bryant, as well as welcoming best-selling YA author Brendan Reichs to talk about his upcoming YA OGN Clark & Lex.

And who knows - Enter the Popverse's unofficial co-host Graeme McMillan might also make an appearance!

You can watch this week's Enter the Popverse live Friday, July 23 beginning at 1 p.m. EST - or come back later for the full replay.

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