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DC has sold out of Batman's Joker: Year One comic (but there's more coming)

Batman #142 has sold out, leading DC to reprint it - and has given retailers 3 days to make their orders

Batman #142
Image credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (DC)

Crime may not pay, but a story promoted as “the untold origin story of popular culture’s greatest villain" does.

Batman #142 second prining
Image credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (DC)

Batman #142, which went on sale January 6 with the first of a three-part 'Joker: Year One' story arc, sold out earlier this week at DC Comics - leading the publisher to rush a second printing this morning. Retailers were told this morning to submit orders by February 11 (that's just three days) so this reprint can make it to stores by March 5.

For this Batman #142 second printing, DC are re-using Giuseppe Camuncoli's art for the first printings foil variant cover - this time in a non-foil version.

Here is the release date of Joker: Year One, with links on how to order them as available:

Is Joker: Year One his new origin story? DC says yes, the writer says no, but we say it may be what he deserves.

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