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Jordan Peele has a Christmas present for all of us: a surprise and as-yet-untitled new movie releasing December 25

The untitled film will arrive in theaters on Christmas in 2024

Photograph of Jordan Peele
Image credit: Monkeypaw Productions

Fans of Get Out, Us, and Nope will be excited to hear that Jordan Peele's fourth film project now has a release date-- December 25, 2024.

So far, we know very little about the next film from director Jordan Peele, as no details about its title or even its genre really have been released (though we can certainly make some assumptions about its genre based on his previous three films).

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This release date places Peele's film's release date only five days after James Cameron's next Avatar film makes its way to theaters, setting that Christmas week up as one that will certainly get moviegoers into seats. Over the course of the past six years, Peele has established himself as a director who is a box office draw and as much of a sure bet as one can get out of a new director, especially in the genre of horror which traditionally has a lower budget and thus a lower recoup.

Though it may seem tricky to set up a movie release so close to a James Cameron film (especially considering how the last one did and since it seems that Wicked Part 1 has recently swapped dates to avoid a similar clash with Avatar), we can expect that Jordan Peele's newest foray will be different enough from the Avatar juggernaut, that all of the cinematic boats can rise with the Christmas tide.

We will update this story as we learn more about this film.

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