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Joshua Williamson talks G.I. Joe, Cobra, and Hasbro's Energon Universe on Enter the Popverse

You'll know "more you know" if you tune in Friday, you know

Enter the Popverse Ep 31
Image credit: Popverse

Welcome back, dear friends, to the show that never ends — or, more correctly, the show that does end, but then comes back every Friday to brighten your final days of the workweek and officially launch the weekend in style. I refer, of course, to Enter the Popverse, which this week sees writer Joshua Williamson return to answer the hard questions from host Ashley Victoria Robinson once again.

The last time Williamson was on the show — back in May, fact fans — he was talking about DC’s summer event Knight Terrors, but this time around, it’s all about some Real American Heroes (and maybe their not-so-heroic counterparts, as well), as he’ll be spilling some previously redacted beans and talking about his work on G.I. Joe and Cobra as part of Skybound and Hasbro’s Energon Universe books: Is Duke the ultimate Joe? (Somewhere, Snake Eyes fans are very upset at the suggestion.) What makes Cobra so dangerous? And also: how do Void Rivals and Transformers fit into this new G.I. Joe reality, anyway?

That is, of course, not all: Popverse staff writer, unofficial co-host, and still not-comfortable-writing-about-himself-in-the-third-person person Graeme McMillan will also be on hand to talk about the week’s news and try not to derail things with his own excitement about the Energon Universe as a whole.

It’s all happening in Enter the Popverse Episode 31, which takes place at the same Bat-time and same Bat-channel as usual — which is to say, 1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific on Friday, September 15 on YouTube or on this very page, if you just click on the video below. Bookmark the page and come back! You know you want to. (Although, if you’re on YouTube, you’ll be able to comment along with the show and maybe get some questions answered along the way…)

If you missed last week’s EtP, you missed Todd McFarlane sharing tips on what makes a memorable comic character and explain why he doesn’t listen to critics, good or bad. This is why you should tune in and watch it live as it happens; I'm just saying...

Graeme McMillan

Graeme McMillan: Popverse Editor Graeme McMillan (he/him) has been writing about comics, culture, and comics culture on the internet for close to two decades at this point, which is terrifying to admit. He completely understands if you have problems understanding his accent.


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