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My Adventures with Superman's Josie Campbell is getting post-apocalyptic with I Heart Skull-Crusher

The screenwriter is teaming with Alessio Zonno for her new YA Boom! Studios series

I Heart Skull-Crusher
Image credit: Alessio Zonno/Boom! Studios

Having spent 2023 with DC’s superheroes in projects like the Amazons Attack miniseries or the animated My Adventures with Superman, writer Josie Campbell is headed into 2024 thinking about sports, of all things. Fun, post-apocalyptic violent sports like Screaming Pain Ball. Oh — you’ve never heard of Screaming Pain Ball? Sounds like you need to check out Campbell’s new series with Boom! Studios, I Heart Skull-Crusher.

Launching in March, I Heart Skull-Crusher sees Campbell team with artist Alessio Zonno for a simple story of a teenager — 18-year-old Trini, in this case — doing what it takes to meet her hero. Of course, her hero is Skull-Crusher, star of the beloved Screaming Pain Ball tournament, and “what it takes” turns out to be gathering together a group of ne’er-do-wells to tour the wastelands that are left of the United States to defeat Skull-Crusher’s seemingly invincible team, but still — a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

“I am beyond thrilled to bring I Heart Skull-Crusher to life with the talented Alessio,” said Campbell in a statement about the new series from the publisher. “It’s everything I love – queer characters, anime influences, action, comedy, broken hearts, broken bones, Post-Apocalypse death matches – wrapped up in one gorgeous package. This is the story I’ve been wanting to tell for years!”

Zonno is equally thrilled, saying that the new series “has smashed my head and heart since Josie told me about it! I’m loving working with her and bringing these crazy characters to life and their incredible story fills me with energy! I’m completely immersed and I can’t stop drawing it!”

The new series launches March 13, 2024. Check out the gallery below to see first issue covers from Zonno and R1c0, as well as some character designs from Zonno.

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