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The Jurassic Park-themed podcast See Jurassic Right from Steven Ray Morris is returning soon

“I'm also in the middle of relaunching See Jurassic Right.” Morris says

See Jurassic Right
Image credit: See Jurassic Right

True Crime podcast afficionados have been following the work of Steven Ray Morris for years. Until just a few weeks ago he was the producer who made the popular My Favorite Murder podcast run each and every week as well as hosting his own shows including The Purrrcast, See Jurassic Right, and more. Given his affinity for dinosaurs it should come as no surprise sharks are creatures close to his pre-historic loving heart as well. Whether it is the cute and cuddly or the deadly ad vicious, Morris brings an affinity for many animals to his portofolio of podcasting and writing

Popverse’s Ashley V. Robinson sat down virtually with Steven Ray Morris (and his beloved cast Penny Lane!), on our recent Shark-themed episode of Enter the Popverse to play a slant rhyme style trivia game centering around all things shark related, highlighting the incredible work of Minorities in Shark Sciences, and tease just how and when See Jurassic Right is going to be dropping new episodes again.

“I'm also in the middle of relaunching See Jurassic Right,” Morris tells Popverse. “which is my Jurassic and dinosaur podcast. You know, it's kind of a mix of anything tangentally in that web whether it's dinosaurs or Natural History Museums, again, we've talked about sharks on the show before. That's in the middle of relaunching right now.”

Watch our full interview with Steven Ray Morris here:

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