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Kevin O'Neill, artist best known for work on 2000 AD and League of Extraordinary Gentleman, has died

Gosh Comics, a comics shop in London which often worked with the artist, made the announcement early Monday morning

Cropped image from Marshal Law
Image credit: Epic Comics

Kevin O'Neill, English comics artist best known for his work on Nemesis the Warlock, Marshal Law, and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, passed away last week after a long illness. This news was announced early this morning by Gosh Comics, a London-based comics store that has often worked with O'Neill.

A portion of the statement from Gosh Comics reads: "It's with a great deal of sadness that we have learned of the passing of Kevin O'Neill last week after a long illness. We had worked a lot with Kevin over the past two decades and had the highest personal and professional regard for him, and of course the impact he has had on the comics landscape cannot be overstated."

Over a career which has spanned more than five decades creating and co-creating iconic and influential comics, Kevin O'Neill's art has represented a distinct, loud, sometimes maximalist, style -- a style that, according to popular belief, famously landed him into conflict with the Comics Code Authority, who, when asked what could be changed to make O'Neill's work get approval, answered that his entire style was what they found objectionable. Pretty cool, right?

Comics creators on Twitter have begun to post their remembrances of O'Neill. You can read some of them below.