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The Walking Dead's Khary Payton was at MCM Comic Con; watch the panel here

Payton made a stop in London to talk about his process, his voice acting career, and more

Image credit: AMC

Two of the most popular characters from two of the world’s most popular comic franchises were on stage at MCM this October, even though the spotlight was only on one person.

How? It’s because Khary Payton was that spotlighted celeb. Voice of Cyborg across DC media and the portrayer of The Walking Dead’s Ezekiel in live action, Payton took the stage Friday, October 27 for a panel not to be missed by any fans of either franchise.

Popverse filmed this and several other panels at MCM Comic Con, which you can watch afterwards on-demand by becoming a paid Popverse member or a MCM 2023 digital ticket holder.

Watch the Khary Payton Spotlight from MCM Comic Con October 2023:

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