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Rapper Kid Cudi drops news of his first comic - based on the hidden story behind his music

The Image Comics Moon Man by Kid Cudi and others series launches in January 2024

Kid Cudi
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Fans know Scott Mescudi as musician, producer, actor and fashion designer Kid Cudi — but come 2024, he can add another title to an already packed resume: comic book creator. Coming in January, Cudi will be working with Massive-Verse creator Kyle Higgins on a brand new Image Comics title, Moon Man.

Mescudi appeared at the Lunar Breakfast at NYCC 2023 to talk about his history with comics. “I started reading comics when I was about 9 years old, I was into the Supermans and the Spider-Mans, but there was one comic I was obsessed with as a kid, and it was SCUD the Disposable Assassin,” said Mescudi. “I always thought it would be cool to have my own comic one day, but I never really leaned into that. I was more a music kid.”

Moon Man as a concept is something that he’s been folding into his music, however. “The Moon Man idea has been with me since around 2012, I’ve been creating themes with my music, hinting at the possibility that there might be a Moon Man actually in existence,” he told the assembled crowd. “It was only right that I finally gathered my thoughts together and crafted this story and finally lived my dreams.”

Co-written by Mescudi and Kyle Higgins, the series centers around Ramon Townsend, an astronaut who has flown missions for NASA but now works for Janus, which Higgins described as “kind of a SpaceX.” After a mission for Janus goes wrong, there are seven minutes of undocumented time before Ramon pilots the entire crew back to Earth safely… but comes back with some new powers that will emerge over time.

“This is our Miracleman for 2024 swing,” Higgins teased.

More information about the series will be revealed at the Kid Cudi Comes to NYCC to Make A Big Announcement panel on Saturday afternoon at New York Comic Con.

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