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Watch the Kodansha USA & Yen Press Power Hour panel from MCM Comic Con

Two manga giants, Yen Press and Kodansha USA, make a rare team-up to announce new projects at MCM Comic Con

Kodansha USA and Yen Press logos
Image credit: Kodansha USA / Yen Press

Surprising team-ups aren't just limited to superhero comics - the manga titans Kodansha USA and Yen Press teamed up a few weeks back for an official, joint panel at MCM Comic Con. In it, Yen Press' sales & marketing director Mark De Vera and Kodansha USA's marketing director Tomo Tran talked about recent and upcoming releases - and now you can watch it like you were there.

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Here now, watch the Kodansha USA & Yen Press Power Hour panel with Mark De Vera and Tomo Tran, filmed at MCM Comic Con in May 2023:

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