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Kyle Starks introduces the next big small town detective hit in Boom! Studios' Pine and Merrimac

The new series with artist Fran Galán debuts in January

Pine and Merrimac
Image credit: Fran Galán/Boom! Studios

Sometimes, you just can’t leave trouble behind no matter how hard you try. Even when you leave the city and head to a small town to escape, it follows… and then things get really complicated. That’s the premise behind Pine and Merrimac, a new series launching in 2024 from Boom! Studios and creators Kyle Starks and Fran Galán.

The title refers to the cross streets in a small town that’s the home to a detective agency owned and operated by Linnea Kent, a former cop, and her husband, a one-time professional MMA fighter who now works to back up his wife’s smarts with his fists. They moved to the town of Jamesport for a better life, but unfortunately, that worse life might have ended up following them…

"Pine and Merrimac is about a happily married detective couple who find themselves in a case that gets worse and worse and then worse than you could imagine,” said Starks in a statement provided by the publisher. “I think fans of my Eisner and GLAAD nominated book I Hate This Place will fall in love with these characters the same way they did the character in that book. And getting to work with Fran Galán on it has been amazing. I firmly believe he's about to be a huge name in this industry with his unbelievable work - if you aren't familiar with him, his incredible art is worth the price of admission alone.”

Galán added, “This comic has all the elements I like in a good story. It’s also written by Kyle Starks, so what more could I ask for?”

According to Boom! Acquisitions editor Jon Moisan, ““Kyle and Fran are one of those creative teams that makes me excited as a comics fan and editor. Kyle’s pacing and mastery of storytelling and Fran’s distinct and vibrant style are sure to make this a must read and stand out on every New Comic Book Day shelf.”

The series begins January 3, 2024. Click through the gallery below to get a sneak peek at what might be your favorite book of 2024, including covers from Galán, Erica Henderson, and Annie Wu.

The new book follows on the recent conclusion of Peacemaker Tries Hard!, also written by Kyle Starks, and one of the best books of 2023…!