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Show Off Your Grisha Order with These Exclusive Tees

You called. The Darkling answered.

The only thing more powerful than magic is the collective excitement of fans waiting for their favorite books to be adapted to screen. If you're anything like me, you have April 23 blocked off on your calendar to binge Netflix's next hit series, Shadow & Bone from start to finish.

And since I have to be a little bit extra in everything I do, I can't just watch the series in one sitting in any ol' t-shirt. Nope. I need to watch it in my exclusive Grisha Order t-shirt because there's nothing like immersing yourself as fully as you can into your favorite fictional world. 

If you're new to the Grishasverse, don't worry, I've got you. Based on the best-selling YA fantasy books by Leigh Bardugo, the show will follow Alina Starkov as she navigates her newly discovered Grisha powers in a world at war. The adaptation will not only pull from the Shadow and Bone trilogy, but we'll get a taste of fan-favorite character Kaz Brekker and his gang, the Dregs, with a new prequel storyline that takes place before the Six of Crows duology.

At the core of these tales are the Grisha, the magical elite of Ravka who serve as soldiers in the country's Second Army. Grisha practice the Small Science—this world's version of magic—and are able to manipulate matter. If chemistry and wizardry had a baby, it would be the Grisha.

Having grown up in the Harry Potter generation, I'm always eager to choose the house, team, or sign I identify with the most. The Grishaverse provides the same serotonin rush of choosing a team with three distinct Grisha Orders. And so, we've created three exclusive Grishaverse t-shirts. Read about each one below and then choose your Order, grab a shirt, and rep the Grishaverse when the show premieres. But hurry, sizes are selling out fast!

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Etherealki: The Order of the Summoners

Etherealki manipulate the earth's elements. There are three types of Etherealki: 1) Tidemakers who manipulate temperature and pressure in order to control water, 2) Inferni who summon gases like methane and hydrogen towards a spark to create fire, and 3) Squallers who raise or lower air pressure to create storms.

Corporalki: The Order of the Living and the Dead

Corporalki manipulate the human body. Tailors can change human appearances—typically for a short period of time ranging from a day to a few hours, but if the Tailor is extremely talented the changes can be permanent. Heartrenders can rip the air from a person's lungs, slow down and speed up their pulse, or crush the heart in a person's chest without ever coming into physical contact with them. Healers can reverse any damage done by a Heartrender, so make sure one is nearby if you ever get on a Heartrender's bad side.

Materialki: The Order of the Fabrikators

If you're looking for your typical science geek, you'll find them among the Materialki. This is the Grisha Order that likes to keep to the lab, but the results are well worth it. Alkemi specialize in poisons and blasting powders, while Durasts excel in Grisha steel, corecloth (Grisha armor), textiles, and glass.

Now it's time to choose your Grisha Order!

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