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The creators at MCM May 2024 know what it takes to make it through a show (and it's a surprisingly healthy answer from most)

Hamish Steele, Khary Randolph, Kit Buss, Marc Laming, and Rachael Smith tell all about the con must-haves in a new Artist Alley Asks

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Comic conventions can be tricky business, and it’s best to plan ahead to take some of the pressure off before the event itself… which is why almost every comic creator who attends a convention has a ready-to-go list of things that they absolutely, indubitably have to have on-hand at every show. So it’s no surprise that we thought we’d ask them what’s on that list.

Recorded inside Artist’s Alley on the show floor of MCM London May 2024, Popverse video producer and international all-star Ashley Victoria Robinson asked the assembled comic creators the straightforward question: what is your convention must-have?

No lesser luminaries than Hamish Steele (DeadEndia, Croc and Roll), Khary Randolph (Miles Morales and Moon Girl, We Are Robin), Kit Buss (Critical Roll, Cloven: Bloodlines), Marc Laming (Secret Wars, Star Wars: Boba Fett), and Rachael Smith (NAP COMIX, Doctor Who) are the ones answering the question at hand in this latest installment of Artist’s Alley Asks, giving fans and friends alike the perfect chance to write up future gift-giving plans while the summer is still young. Watch the video above to find out their answers!

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