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Re-live the Baldur's Gate 3 cast panel from London's MCM Comic Con 2024 with our play-by-play

Baldur's Gate 3 stars Beth Park, Josh Weeden, Neil Roberts, George Taylor, Kirsty Gillmore, Tilly Steele and Andrew Wincott talked all about the game.

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Fate spins along as it should, and the cast of Baldur's Gate 3 were at London's MCM Comic Con. Gather around as we recount actors Beth Park (Inwe, Errant Soul, more), Neil Roberts (Tadpoled Adventurer), George Taylor (Booyahg Piddle, more), Tilly Steele (Ch'r'ai Tska'an, Dalthar) and Andrew Wincott (Raphael, Cashguard Basher Brammels) from their talk on the MCM Main Stage at the London ExCel, along with the game's lead voice director Josh Weeden and voice director Kirsty Gillmore.

If you couldn't make the event in person, don't worry - Popverse reported on the entire panel - and we also filming the whole Baldur's Gate III panel to premiere on the site later this month.

Below is our full play-by-play from the Baldur's Gate 3 panel at MCM Comic Con May 2024.

Our live coverage of this event has finished.

Hello Popverse! We're about 15 minutes away from our liveblog of the Baldur's Gate 3 cast panel at MCM London! The line outside is already loooooooong so try to to get here early!
We have a slight delay in the part of the panel - but we're learning a lot about what the hosts on the stage eat for breakfast, which is still something.
Intense debate about American Bacon vs British Bacon happening. Do you have strong feelings on this? Let us know in the comments! FYI, American Bacon is better.
The cast is here! Introductions are happening. Some Asterion love is happening in the crowd.
We must all refer to Andrew Wincott as "BAFTA Award Winner Andrew Wincott" from now on. This is law now.
How did Tilly Steele get her job as a voice director? She ran into Beth Park at a birthday party and explained, calmly, that she was a huge fan of the Baldur's Gate series.
We've had our second plug for his Twitch channel from Neil Roberts. True Dark Urge behavior.
Moderator is asking Josh and Beth about the casting process. Josh explains that there are thousands of characters to consider. They broke it down by type (Tieflings or Elves or whatever).
Beth adds that they didn't have a full script for the origin characters when they started casting them. They just had a "vibe" from the studio.
Hot news drop! Asterion was originally not a sexy vampire. He was originally a sexy tiefling.
"Were you expecting this success?" Beth: NO! I was expecting shame.
"As the awards started coming in, did you ever get used to it?" George Taylor: I always enjoy adoring applause.
"What were some of the challenges to directing a game like this that people don't consider?" Kirsty Gilmore: Almost all our performancers did the mocap at the same time as the recording. It was a lot. Josh Weedon: Except for the animals. We couldn't put tentacles on people. We did ask.
Tilly Steele: I was one of the sound designers for the Sandman audiobook. Sorry. Can we find out more about this now?
Kirsty Gillmore explains that sometimes you have to get the actor to give you more energy just because you know there will be sound and music happening at the same time.
Tilly Steele says that directing the Dark Urge epilogue was the best day in the studio.
The third drop for Neil Roberts' Twitch channel has happened.
Neil Roberts explains that you always make choices as an actor and sometimes it works but the Dark Urge epilogue was a moment where it definitely worked.
Neil Roberts is seriously angling for a raise based on YouTube comments. We respect the hussle.
Neil Roberts says "You choose a voice based on an emotion, but the TAVs were different because they were a blank canvas for actors and directors."
Reason it is called TAV - It is short for Gustav, after Larion CEO's dog. Gustav was also the project's codename at the studio.
What is the most memorable bit of directing for the cast? Kirsty Gillmore: One of the goblins in Act 1 urinating into a pool. Kirsty told the actor "Could you do this line like you are squeeeezing the last drops out?"
Oh! Auntie Ethel's actress is in the audience! Keen eye from Beth!
Beth directing George Taylor: I was playing Roland and had five minutes left in the session so Beth Park was like "Hey. Lets get a little Booyah Piddle going here."
George Taylor: Beth compared me to Dame Judi Dench. Neil Roberts: I'm sorry George. She said that to all of us. The cattiness is real and we're here for it.
Andrew Wincott spent most of one scene on his knees. The director said "If it gets too painful, just tell us."
Andrew Wincott: There was supposed to be a bed, but there wasn't. Josh Weedon: There were cushions! Andrew Wincott: All I know is I had carpet burns. Oooooooh my...
Fourth Mention of Neil Roberts' Twitch channel. Apparently he will playing Baldur's Gate 3 tonight. He really should advertise more.
Neil Roberts: I have ADHD and my memory is quite poor. I genuinely don't remember 90% of my dialogue. I have a file on my phone with Dark Urge quotes for when people ask for quotes.
Neil Roberts: Your brain is quite... juicy. Moderator: Well, that got my motor running.
"I never stop doing takes," says Neil Roberts, "but they're all the same. I am staggered by Voice Actors who have range. I do not."
The impulsiveness of ADHD can be beneficial for an actor, says Neil Roberts, but it can also cause problems. He told Josh Weedon and Josh said that many of the team and the players were neurodivergent people. "I had never shared that before but hearing that helped me."
Neil Roberts follows that emotional moment by riffing on everything he sees to simulate what goes on in his head. "You really should live in my head. It is a trip."
Fans have started lining up to ask questions. The lines are really long.
Beth Park says that it is honestly amazing to see you guys part of the community and loving the work. I love you all.
George Taylor: The Baldur's Gate 3 Community is astonishing. Being a Voice Actor can be quite lonely, but the energy, love, support, and openness of the fans keeps us going.
BAFTA Award Winner Andrew Wincott: I just say thank you and keep being inspired. Keep being creative. It has been a joy and very special to be part of this game. Please do drop by the House of Hope soon.
Kirsty Gillmore: The fans have really highlighted the voice acting in this game and the level of support that we have had from the community has made a huge difference to us all.
Tilly Steele: It has been a magical experience from beginning to end. It has been really cool seeing actors get their flowers after working for years.
They're not wrong. The performances in Baldur's Gate 3 are fantastic. Really making me want to restart a new playthrough...
Twitch star Neil Roberts gives us a Dark Urge quote that makes no sense in the moment but made the hair stand on the back of my head stand up and that is true talent.
Fan questions begin. "How was your first experience seeing this game?" Josh Weedon: We were already on a new project on that day.
Andrew Wincott says "You can play the game from start to finish, go back and play it again and have a totally different experience." We know! And we're gonna have to restart because the Dark Urge is calling us.
Kirsty Gillmore explains that doing Mocap and voice recording at the same time allows you to marry the physicality to the voice performance. This is unusual in the industry.
Fan asks if any actors would want to play any other characters. Neil Roberts: Daaaaaarling.
We kinda want a Dark Urge Raphael now...
Andrew Wincott wants to get Raphael and Asterion together. So would we, Andrew, and that's what fanfiction is for.
Advice to to aspiring voice actors from Beth Park: Work out the type of character you want to play. Do a really good reel. Don't half ass it.
Josh Weedon gives an incredibly detailed, fast answer that makes me think he has been asked this repeatedly over the years.
Neil Roberts drops that he was in Lord of the Rings: Gollum. "You expect that something you worked on will be really good and then sometimes it isn't."
The panel is now wrapping up, which is a shame because we could listen to this cast talk all day long. Fortunately, there is another panel on Sunday! Can't wait!
That's all she wrote for the Baldur's Gate 3 panel! Thanks for joining us for the liveblog. Enjoy the rest of MCM London and all of us at Popverse will see you around this weekend!