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Watch anime star Eric Vale teach voice acting at MCM Comic Con

The One Piece and My Hero Academia star shares wisdom and practical tips for both aspiring voice actors and people already in the biz

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You've seen his shows, you know his voice (or at least, some of his voices) - now catch One Piece and My Hero Academia talent Eric Vale at MCM May 2024, where he's answering every question you have about voice acting! Popverse filmed this thoroughly educational panel because we like Eric's work so much, and because we also like you so much, we're making it free to watch.

Of course, this is but one of dozens of panels Popverse filmed at MCM May 2024 - and best of all, you're going to be able to watch all of them for free. Throughout the summer, Popverse will be debuting full panel videos on demand to watch- whether it be to see something you missed, or to re-live your favorite moments.

Come back on Friday, June 28 at 3PM BST (10am EDT) to watch the full Voice Acting AMA panel with Eric Vale free, thanks to MCM and Popverse.

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