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Watch now: Oxventure's full MCM Comic Con 2024 (They will also all be Kobolds)

Corazon, Dob, Egbert, Merilwen and Prudence are back for a D&D session on the MCM stage - but with very similar character stats

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Kobolds - they're kind of like the Ewoks of Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, they're far more repitilian, but their capacity for brutal, Jigsaw-like slayings are just about equal. Perhaps why the lovely folks of Oxventure decided to play a full D&D session at MCM May 2024, all in character as the lovable little imps.

Or maybe DM Johnny Chiodini just enjoys suffering.

Whatever the reason, Popverse filmed this adventure-packed session, and we're making it free for your or the little murder creature in your life. No need to thank us, although if there really is a kobold in your life, give us a heads up. No offense, but we'd like to avoid that.

Of course, this is but one of dozens of panels Popverse is filming at MCM May 2024 - and best of all, you're going to be able to watch all of them for free. Throughout the summer, Popverse will be debuting full panel videos on demand to watch- whether it be to see something you missed, or to re-live your favorite moments.

Watch the full D&D But... Everyone's a Kobold with Oxventure, thanks to MCM and Popverse.

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