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Follow along to the official Star Trek: Discovery finale panel from London's MCM Comic Con!

Before the Star Trek: Discovery finale, find out what the cast have to say about their voyage live from London's MCM Comic Con.

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We are in the final voyage of Star Trek's modern flagship series Star Trek: Discovery, and just days before the final episode of the final season many of the cast gathered together to talk about the series - and talk with you - at London's MCM Comic Con.

As always, Popverse was there for the May 25 panel at the ExCel London. Not only will we be filming the Star Trek: Discovery panel to debut later this month, but we will also be liveblogging the entire event so you can get all the major news, comments, and on-set jokes, immediately.

Get our full play-by-play of the Star Trek: Discovery panel from MCM Comic Con May 2024. We will be debuting the full panel video on May 31 here.

Our live coverage of this event has finished.

We're in the room for the Star Trek Discovery cast Q and A. Getting excited to boldly go into the liveblog-verse once again!
There is a lot of set up happening for the Star Trek: Discovery panel. Looks like there will be a slight delay in it starting, but the set looks AMAZING. Get in here if you can!
The fans are starting to come into the Main Stage for the Star Trek: Discovery panel, so if you want to get in, this is your last chance!
Unsurprisingly, the Main Stage crowd is filling up. If you're not in line by now, you might not make it in to see all the action. Not to inflict FOMO on you or anything. Just saying.
Star Trek featurette is starting. Hard not to get a bit emotional when that music starts up.
Seeing Lower Decks cut into scenes from Picard is wild but I dig it.
We're getting started! Lets doooo this!
We have the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery with us at the Main Stage of MCM London! David Ajala is here in person, while Sonequa Martin-Street is joining us virtually. Co-Showrunner and Executive Producer Michelle Paradise and Executive Producer and Director Olatunde Osunsanmi are also beaming in via satalite.
David Ajala is milking the entrance and it is glorious. More panels need slow motion.
David Ajala to the fans: As much as it is a blessing to be here, you guys are the gift that keeps on giving. I thank you all for your heart, your love and your kindness.
David Ajala telling a story about fans. "2019. San Diego Comic Con. SMG turned to me and said "Now we get to meet the fans." and I never imagined I would consistently get met with that same energy."
Sonequa on the show ending - "Its goes beyond words. Now having seen the finale season play out, it has impacted me even more. I feel like I have the distance from it and process it even more wholistically and objectively. I think it is going to be the gift that keeps on giving."
Sonequa drops David in it and reveals it was his birthday a few days ago. Cue singing!
Olatunde and Michelle are asked what their favorite episode is. Olatunde "The one that is most memorable was the episode that almost didn't exist until it did. 214. Second season finale."
Episode was prepped without a script. It was the episode with the wormhole that took Captain Burnham to the future and that we saw the Enterprise for the first time.
Michelle Paradise on Episode 214. "I sent the script for the finale off and said "This isn't one episode of television. It is maybe two."
Michelle Paradise: "Logistically, the first episode of season 5 should have been impossible to make."
Cast is asked how they relax at home. David says "Whatever my character is experiencing, my access point is joy. Being able to switch off if your starting point is joy."
David says that when season four started, Olatunde told him "Man, season four? You go through a lot."
Sonequa adds: So much of it is the security of the team. We dive into it together. We have this beautiful vision from Olatunde and the others. Because we did it together, we can completely let ourselves go. You can go all in and go back to what you desire. It is about your desire for the story pulling you in and my desire for my normal life with my family pulling me another way.
Olatunde's favorite sequences to shoot "I would say its the drama. No, I would say its the action. No, its the drama. I love both!"
Olatunde compares switching from drama to action to landing on the moon, where all the action of making it happen is followed by the emotion and drama of landing.
Michelle Paradise explains that they never plant easter eggs for the sake of it. Doing it for the sake of it doesn't honor the characters and the story.
Michelle teases that there may be easter eggs in the final episode. Keep your eyes peeled!
David on ending the show "The fact we were able to complete this story is a blessing."
David on Star Trek as a whole: Star Trek is about legacy. Each cast passes the baton to the next.
Michelle explains that "We were one of the first shows to go back and film during Covid, before vaccines or when we knew much about it."
Michelle Paradise explains that "Star Trek always explores the time it is made in."
Michelle says that "We didn't find out until we were well into season five that this would be the last season. We were editing episodes eight or nine at the time."
Michelle confirms that Paramount let them go back and film additional material to give Star Trek: Discovery a proper ending.
Olatunde on working in the Star Trek universe: We become the caretakers of this house for a while and now we are passing it on to someone else.
Did Sonequa keep any props? She says no, but if she had, she would have taken her Vulcan meditation stool.
There is a bit of regret on not taking something. Sonequa says "It was a dope space. I should have taken something."
David says he took something. "I took a few little things which I am humbly keeping. They won't be on ebay."
If David could speak to animals like Book, he would talk to sloths. "They are just so chill. They probably got so much on their mind but they are so slow so no one wants to hear them out."
David really wants a pet sloth, it seems.
Why are days filming on the Bridge Sonequa's favorite? "Because we could all be together. We had so much fun together. We played as hard as we worked."
We have some mild technical difficulties with Sonequa's stream, but we can hear her fine thankfully.
Getting an exclusive sneak peak of the last episode. No filming. Nothing else. Gotta be in the room for it. Yet another reason never to miss Comic Con.
Well... that was tense. No spoilers here, but it was very cool. Thursday is gonna be trip!
David when talking about the clip they just shown. "Ya'll are in for a trip."
David's response to a fan "Dreaming is special. Dreaming is important."
Spock is the character that brough Michelle into Star Trek. Olatunde says that his favorite characters were La Forge and Sisco.
Olatunde: Diversity is important to Star Trek. It is something that requires constant maintance.
Michelle says that there has been a constant push for more queer characters in Star Trek from Alex Kurtzman. As long as he is involved, there will be more.
Sonequa says that big part of Star Trek's legacy is remaining humble and teachable.
A fan asks what the crew have learned about themselves while making this show. Olatunde says "I've sort of learned that a community and film-making family makes anything possible. Together we can accomplish practically anything. We've had impossible asks. Things that were incredibly difficult technically and this show has taught me that it is possible. When so many people love something, beautiful things can happen."
No one wants to try to top Olatunde's answer. It was beautiful. Sonequa adds "Being greater than the sum of your parts. What a blessing to see it happen in real time."
"We put a lot of thought into using The Breen in this season," explains Michelle. We haven't seen much of them in the past so this is a chance to explore them and their past.
David giving one sentence to take away. "What if you fall. Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?"
That's the end of our coverage of the Star Trek: Discovery panel here at MCM London! That was a trip! Thanks for everyone who showed up and we'll see you on the show floor!