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Portrait of a Bastich: Simon Bisley and the longevity of Lobo

Legendary artist Simon Bisley to discuss Lobo's impact

Image credit: Simon Bisley (DC)

If I say the name 'Lobo' to you, a comic reader, then naturally – and if you have a lick of sense at all – you will think about the 1990 series drawn by Simon Bisley. More pointedly, you’ll likely remember the close-up cover of the brutal Czarnian for the first issue, which has become a staple in the proverbial comics art hall of fame. But just over 30 years after its release and after Bisley’s renown redesign of the character, what exactly is it that makes it hold up?

Popverse sat down with the legendary artist at his table at Fan Expo San Francisco to discuss the longevity of Lobo and the rebellious space in which none of his other variations can seem to occupy.

Popverse: Let’s just get right into it: Lobo existed as a character before you got ahold of him, obviously, but I’d like you to talk through the redesign. As soon as you were put on the character is when he really became what we know him as now. How did you have to go about making Lobo yours?

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