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Rewatching The Lord of the Rings? Take this Gandalf the White rubber duck with you

If you're going on a long journey, you're going to need a trustworthy companion

Promotional photo of Gandalf the White rubber duck
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It takes just under 12 hours to watch all of The Lord of the Rings extended editions. That's a pretty long time, even before you begin to pen in breaks for snacks, naps, and the bathroom. And, as we've learned from... The Lord of the Rings extended editions, long journeys are always made more bearable with stout friends.

You wont be able to find a stouter or more reliable friend than Gandalf the White in the form of a rubber duck.

Yes, Gandalf may not always have been around during Frodo's most dangerous moments, but in the form of a rubber duck, he will not be able to escape your grasp in even the most nervewracking moments of your long journey through your favorite movies.

And, he costs less than $20, so his companionship isn't too pricey either. (Galadriel the Duck costs $25 and Balrog costs more than $100, so you're clearly getting a deal.)

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