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Madame it! Marvel & Sony cut the Madame Web meme from the movie

Do you remember that time Madame Web's mom was in the Amazon researching spiders before she died?

Madame Web
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When the first trailer for the Marvel film Madame Web produced by Sony/Columbia Pictures was released, people reacted in various ways to this atypical entry into the superhero movie landscape - but perhaps the most genuine reaction was making one brief trailer moment into a meme.

"He was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders right before she died," Dakota Johnson's titular character Cassandra Webb says in the trailer with dead-pan delivery, referring to Tahar Rahim's villainous Ezekial Sims.

To borrow a phrase from an old song by the Bee Gees, the line started a joke - which started the whole world laughing, and crying, and memetically marketing the movie. The un-nuanced, completely serious conviction in the delivery of that line by Johnson - despite its fantastical elements in what she was saying - struck a nerve.

Don't remember all this? We don't blame you. Life moves at a rapid place, and the vagaries of Internet culture even faster - but this happened three months ago, in November 2023. So we pulled some highlights:

This meme arguably the most enjoyable piece of the movie's promotion, however those at Sony, Columbia, and Marvel couldn't get in on the joke and the line of dialogue isn't even in the theatrical cut of the movie.

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