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Follow along with Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy's Hannibal panel - LIVE from C2E2!

The two stars of the cult classic will be onstage together, and you can read it all right here

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If there’s one place for those who delight in wickedness (and then, perhaps, berate themselves for the delight — that part’s open to question), then it’s McCormick Place Convention Center, and specifically, the Main Stage on Saturday, April 27 — where none other than Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are appearing onstage at C2E2 2024 to talk all things Hannibal.

In a panel led by Popverse deputy editor Tiffany Babb, the two actors will be talking about the cult show and their experiences creating what might be the definitive on-screen versions of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham in what we’re unafraid to call a delicious hour of conversation. Popverse premium members can watch the panel for themselves, but if you’re not able to check that out, don’t worry — we’re live-blogging the whole thing for you below.

Come back Saturday April 27 at 2:30pm Eastern/11:30am Pacific and follow along with Feed Your Fear: The Cast of Hannibal panel.

And that's the end of the panel! Thanks for joining the liveblog folks, stick around for more C2E2 livestreams. We hear Christpher Lloyd is here?
Which scene would you show someone to introduce Hannibal? Mads - finale of season 2. Hugh - three scenes from episode 2, particularly mushroom man
Mads's prefered karaoke song is "Bat Out of Hell" by Meatloaf, apparently
Hugh just talked about singing in Ella Enchanted. Unsurprising crowd surge
Mads - It was "incredible" to see Abigail's character grow up on set
Hugh calls director of photography James Hawkinson "brilliant" and an "oddball" who took away more lights on set than he put on
Favorite outfits - Mads - "Gray and red [suit]" Apparently Mads stole it off the set, then when Bryan tried to gift it to him later, he had to explain why it was missing
Favorite outfits? - Hugh - "I just wore the same thing over and over again [...] I got a nice suit in Italy, but then I got shot"
What have the guys been doing in Chicago? - "I got in and got drunk with Mads," says Hugh
Favorite line? Hugh - "Is your social worker in that horse?" Mads - "Nothing here is vegetarian."
Favorite guest stars? Lance Henriksen, say both
Just to clarify, that's not a confirmation - this return talk is ALL HYPOTHETICAL, don't sue us
Ooh, Hugh is talking about a return to the show now - "It would be a different Will."
Favorite murder from the show? Hugh - Cello Man. Mads - Killing Tobias.
What was a particularly hard scene to film? Hugh - "The season 2 finale" "Difficult and really brilliant"
Fan asks what would Hannibal eat in Chicago - Mads says "Hannibal does not eat food like that [...] maybe you could get away with a hot dog... a different version"
Hugh on working with all the dogs - "They're delightful, but they don't do what they're told"
Mads and Bryan are working together again on Dust Bunny - "as crazy and mental as [Hannibal]," he says
What do they miss the most about the show? For Mads, it's the friendships and ability to inhabit a character for years
And what is that future Mads mentioned - "We can't tell you. Because we hope in a couple years..." The crowd goes wild
Mads, also on the finale - Hannibal is a character who "lives in the present" but for once, "sees a future"
Hugh's talking about the finale - "We arrived at a place Will and Hannibal had not been before - acceptance."
Mads is talking about his movie Another Round - how being a dancer affected his role as Hannibal
Were the guys ever grossed out on set? "No," says Hugh, "I loved it. I was birthed from a stag. That was a great day at work."
Mads says he's "not a real cannibal." Unsurprising disappointment from the crowd
Oooh, Tiffany asks about "favorite dishes" from the show. Hugh's was a fake Ortolan (bird delicacy); Mads's was a foie gras
At the mention of "the thing between Hannibal and Will," the crowd goes nuts. Check your AO3 accounts, loyal readers
On plot ideas, Hugh says Bryan pitched him the idea of vommitting up an ear. "Do you have any ideas as to who's ear it could be?", Fuller said
First topic of the panel is creator Bryan Fuller. Mads has met several "radical" folks in show biz, but none like him
What did the cast expect when they signed on? "Not this," laughs Hugh
The panel is LIVE! There's Popverse's deputy editor Tiffany Babb!
Hellooooooo Popverse! The Hannibal panel still hasn't started and the room has been capped for a full half hour - we think people might like this show?
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